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‪We'd like to think all segments of this episode address how people deal with the past, so let's pretend to be Ira Glass. Today, our show in four acts, four: Act I: Nevermind Blah Blah Blah: Who are some unheralded bands of the '90s? Act II: Suck It, 1939: On the heels of a couple controversial articles, we wonder what critics need to know about the past to do their jobs. Act III: Sympathy For The Devil, a new game from Tasha Robinson. Act IV: Extracurricular Activities. ‬


:00 - Intro
:53 - Steven Hyden and Kyle Ryan talk about unheralded bands of the '90s
14:46 - Steven, Scott Tobias, and Todd VanDerWerff discuss how much critics need to know about the past to review the present
32:25 - Tasha Robinson introduces a new game, Sympathy For The Devil. (Scott, Nathan Rabin, and Keith Phipps play.)
44:09 - Extracurricular Activities with Scott, Kyle, and Marcus Gilmer


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