The first, hopefully annual A.V. Fest/Hideout Block Party (I know, we need a better name) took place over an absolutely gorgeous two days this weekend, with great music, great weather, and a fantastic crowd. We’re not really in the events business, but teaming up with our friends at the Hideout—did you know Anthony Bourdain recently called it “the perfect bar”?—seemed like a grand idea. Together, we could offer something homegrown, low-key, and small enough to feel as much like a big get-together as a small festival. Dozens of people, many of them volunteers, came together to make this thing work. So thanks to all of them, to all of the bands, all of the sponsors, and especially to the amazing Chicago crowd, who sold this sucker out early and showed up ready to enjoy themselves. We’ll see you next year; in the meantime, enjoy these photos taken by Becky Frass and Javier Ayala.