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As a publicist at Shore Fire Media helpfully (and self-servingly, but what can you do) just informed us, The Swell Season (Once stars Markéta Irglová and Glen Hansard) performed a concert in L.A. last night, and a buddy showed up to première a new song: actor Jason Segel, playing piano and singing a somewhat stream-of-consciousness song not unlike the songs he wrote and performed on How I Met Your Mother and in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Naturally, someone in the audience videotaped it all and got it up on YouTube.

In the clip, Segel claims Irglová told him that the best way to write a good song is to put as much personal information in it as he can. So he repeats his full phone number with area code many times (we called and got his answering machine, which does seem to be taking messages if you want to say hi), talks about his penis size as revealed in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and invites audience members to sleep with him, regardless of gender, though he asks that bi-curious boys bring along their lesbian friends. Like all things Segel, it's kinda clumsy and pretty damn endearing. Enjoy. And sing along:

Remember when I was in that show Freaks And Geeks

Well there were no special effects, no no special effects

So if you thought I was sweet, well yeah, I'm really that sweet

Remember when I showed my penis in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Well there were no special effects, no no special effects

So if you liked what you saw, well that's exactly what I'm workin' with…

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