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Alice In Chains: Unplugged

Alice In Chains has acoustified its music before—so much so, in fact, that the need for a whole album of "unplugged" hits was not exactly a crying one. But here it is, and it's safe to say that there's nary a surprise on this 70-minute collection. Unlike, say, L.L. Cool J, who reinvented his music for the MTV Unplugged format, Alice In Chains delivers the most obvious reinterpretations you could imagine: They sound exactly like the originals, but with, you know, acoustic arrangements. Yawn. Granted, material derived from Alice In Chains' self-titled 1995 album ("Sludge Factory," et al) is vastly improved here, but considering the treacherously uninspired nature of the original tracks, how could it not be? Unplugged is pleasant enough, but it's worthless.


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