It's appropriate that the work of the late Bob Ross, the happily earnest, afro-sporting host of PBS' The Joy Of Painting, adorns the cover of Annuals' sophomore full-length Such Fun. The indie-pop group seems to live in one of Ross' fantasy worlds, brightly skipping through vibrant landscapes to the beat of their own shining, innocent pop tunes. 2006's Be He Me was a relaxing breath of fresh air from the orchestral intensity of Arcade Fire and their imitators, and Such Fun continues Annuals' knack for taking the hollow sounds of The Cure and The Walkmen and filling it in with cheery exuberance. Like a Ross painting, Annuals' sound looks impeccably unblemished; there's something refreshing about the clean polish of melodic mini-epics such as "Confessor." But, also like Ross paintings, its songs' easy formula becomes uninteresting with repetition: Such Fun soars with wide-open harmonies—none more so than "Springtime," where one can almost imagine small forest animals joining in with jubilant rapture—but it seems that now Annuals have the technique down, they're just gleefully rehashing it.