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Arcade Fire was real purty in a church

You may have heard about all of the stars that showed up to see Arcade Fire play five nights in a small New York church last week: Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst, a Stroke, David Byrne, Lou Reed, Michael Stipe… Even Kanye West was on the guest list for Friday's show, though we're told he didn't show. I was lucky enough to make it for both Thursday and Friday nights, and despite the audience spectacle–celebs, a huge line of hopefuls desperately seeking admittance–it was clearly the band that deserved the spotlight. They were incredible.

Focused mainly on songs from the upcoming Neon Bible, the shows gave the ten-piece a chance to connect with a crowd smaller than they'll probably ever play for again. Though clearly sick, Win Butler, dressed like an Amish man and singing about the ills of religion and popular culture, was clearly overjoyed at the reaction. He has a reason to be happy: Neon Bible, due March 6, will be tough to beat for album of the year on any sane list. Look for an interview with the band in an upcoming issue. Meanwhile, check out this video of Arcade Fire joining the crowd for an encore of "Wake Up" to get a feel for the intimacy of the shows.

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