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Atonal songs I can't get out of my head

I'm pretty much the only A.V. Club staffer who's a harmony junkie rather than a beats-and-riffs junkie, which means not only do I not listen to the same music as everyone else in the office, I get teased regularly about my extensive collection of weird folk and medieval choral albums. Weirdly, though, the last three songs to get hopelessly fixed in my head were all amateur-sounding, nasal, atonal mock-rock songs. Maybe it's the clever little videos? Maybe it's the appeal of deeply bizarre quirk? Maybe I'm just a sucker for anything involving Godzilla and Batman fighting? You tell me. Here are links to all three of them: Feel free to watch them all in close order and see which one wins the inevitable earworm contest.

The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny features the aforementioned Batman-vs.-Godzilla fight, with Shaq, Aaron Carter, Chuck Norris, and many more pop-culture players jumping in. Note the cameo from Tobias from Arrested Development.

George Washington peters out at the end, but it's a fairly memorable portrait of our first president. I had no idea he had laser-beam eyes.


E Eats Everything is a They Might Be Giants number from their mostly unmemorable and tossed-off-sounding alphabet tutorial Here Come The ABCs. I previewed the DVD for an 18-month-old cousin recently, and thought this was the pick of the litter.

Next stop in my musical re-education: Listening to a Strokes song and trying to get THAT caught in my head.

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