Tatiana Tenreyro
Staff Writer
Feb 26

I’m here to say I’m terribly excited to hear this album all the way through, especially after having heard “Heatwave”. Such a good songwriter, guitar player, and a pretty mesmerizing performer. While she deserves a lot of success, hers is the kind of music I don’t really want to hear playing in a Starbucks because I Read more

Feb 22

Remember when Pusha T did those diss tracks about Drake? Those look like dog shit next to this masterpiece of venom and fire.

Feb 17

Rugby? WTF? He was a GAA player. Did you think it was set in England? Given your synopsis I have some doubts you even watched it.

Feb 12

They don’t even understand what their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was all about. Do we really not expect them to screw up interpreting Sci-Fi as well?

Feb 12

The legions of supposed fans who seem to have completely missed the moral lessons of properties like Star Wars, Star Trek, various comic book heroes... do we really need to implement a test before people are allowed to enjoy entertainment? How do you not fucking get Star Wars?

Feb 11

I worked with Shelley Duvall in the 90s. She was a true delight: eccentric, sure, but really sweetly so, and definitely intelligent and compos mentis. She was a lot like her character in 3 Women, but smarter and not self-centered or deluded. And she talked a lot about The Shining, and wasn’t as kind about Kubrick as Read more

Feb 11

Any list with Rilo Kiley on it is a good list to me!

(unless it’s some sort of negative “most toilet-like bands ever!” list, because no thank you, Jenny Lewis is the best).

Feb 3

didn’t you once author a buzzfeed quiz where you insinuated there were no queer men