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Awesome Color: Electric Aborigines


It's predictable and kind of sad that every new rock band with a sludgy, prowling, blues-based sound gets compared to The Stooges. Awesome Color is just such a group—and sure enough, its self-titled debut was overwhelmingly labeled and dismissed as a Stooges knock-off. What really hampered the disc wasn't unoriginality—as if that even mattered—but a hesitance that came from the trio's relative youth and inexperience. Awesome Color's sophomore effort, Electric Aborigines, has outgrown that greenness; in its place teems a lush, tangled mass of rock 'n' roll. Granted, it's an orchard full of poison and thorns: "Come And Dance" drips and slithers with lascivious menace, and "Outside Tonight" spares no jagged edge in its quest to dissect itself. All of Awesome Color's cracks have been spackled with echoes, organs, and swirls of diseased paisley, evoking the pulse and haze of everyone from The Scientists to Hawkwind to Sound Of Confusion-era Spacemen 3. "Sayin' it, that's one thing / Doin' it, yeah, that's another thing," snarls guitarist Derek Stanton on the bruised-to-bursting "Step Up." And throughout Aborigines, Awesome Color has followed its own suddenly sage advice.

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