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Believe in Love

Any roster of potentially life-changing albums should include Love's 1967 effort Forever Changes, an astounding dispatch from the heart of psychedelic '60s that at once revels in the changing times and expresses profound doubts about the future. If you haven't heard it, please put down whatever you're doing and purchase it now.

But before doing that, please consider a donation to a fund set up to help Arthur Lee, Love's frotnman who's battled personal demons and health problems for decades and is now suffering from leukemia. I'm attaching the full press release from Muscletone Records (which, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't even have a professional connection to Lee.)

Arthur Lee Battles Leukemia

Arthur Lee, founder of original '60s band Love, is gravely ill and has no health insurance. Arthur has undergone weeks of chemotherapy, but he will need continued treatment which could include a costly bone marrow transplant. Friends are organizing a Los Angeles benefit concert for late May or early June, but anything MuscleTone readers can do in the meantime could help save his life.

Please consider a donation of any size to Arthur.

Here is the link for donations to the Arthur Lee Tribute Fund: .

Thanks in advance,



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