By definition, you can't help but be suspicious of the motives behind Bj√∂rk's Telegram: Nine of its ten songs are remixes of tracks found on her most recent solo album, the restlessly creative Post. And though remix albums are almost never worth purchasing, or even acknowledging, Telegram radically overhauls Post's songs, giving them electronically roughed-up, unpredictable new identities. Even the vocals are newly re-recorded. Fans of Post might not like every reinterpretation‚ÄĒfor example, "Army of Me" has morphed into an uninspired, unrecognizable instrumental track‚ÄĒbut they're bound to be intrigued by the radical metamorphoses created by Bj√∂rk and a host of guest producers. Naturally, Telegram is for fans only, but so is most of Bj√∂rk's bizarrely inventive music.