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Bodies Of Water: A Certain Feeling


Even with the niftiest ingredients, the pie isn't going to cook itself. Los Angeles band Bodies Of Water commands frolicking melodies and the interplay of male and female voices, often with the flirtatious drama of an endearingly bad musical. Beneath such a surface, a band needs to keep screwing with the formula to hold interest. Bodies Of Water gets around to that often enough on its second album, A Certain Feeling, but lets the clever bits sit naked for too long. The album-opener, "Gold, Tan, Peach, And Grey," becomes a far more exciting song at the bridge, as joyous call-and-response vocals shake off the coy romantic drift of the first three minutes. "If I Were A Bell" drops little hints of suspense, only to deflate with repetition. Bodies Of Water has all the makings of a distinct, thrilling sound, and A Certain Feeling finds it inching toward maturity. If it'd only burn off some of that arty hesitation, it might get more focused barbs like "Under The Pines" and "Darling, Be Here," and fewer frustrating detours like "Even In A Cave."

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