On its third album overall and first for Toronto’s Arts And Crafts label, Mexico City quartet Chikita Violenta recalls what was so initially alluring about Broken Social Scene: TRE3S is filled with heavily affected, panoramically epic lo-fi pop. Vocals swoon, guitars climb over one another messily, drums fade in and out of the picture, pastoral bridges abound, and catchiness prevails. This isn’t an accident, of course. You Forgot It In People producer (and BSS member) David Newfeld is on board, as are a few other labelmates, but the band’s own noise-pop personality ultimately shines through. The thudding drumming, sludgy axe-wielding, and darkly tinted psychedelia of the opener, “Roni,” resolve in undeniable melody. “All I Need’s A Little More” is made of dozens of interlocking parts that surge lightly and crash heavily in turn, conjuring The Books as an alt-rock act, or Trail Of Dead making happy music. “Tired” is ebullient despite the name, and “Holiday” is a breezy, wordless song colored by a Western shuffle and duh-duh-duhs. The band loses some momentum in the middle, where the heavy use of effects grows tedious and the textures don’t become actual songs, but Chikita Violenta recovers well before the closer, “My Connection,” which turns the show over to soaring guitars and a full-band sing-along: “Thanks for coming, now just walk away.” Of course, ending on such a high note means fans will be begging for a return.