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Choir Of Young Believers: This Is For The White In Your Eyes

Like his countrymen in the superb rock band Figurines, Danish pop auteur Jannis Noya Makrigiannis—who records under the name Choir Of Young Believers—likes high, nasal vocals and the kind of cavernous echo that makes it sound like he’s recording inside an empty cathedral. The first half of Choir Of Young Believers’ debut LP, This Is For The White In Your Eyes, is majestic and haunting in the best sense, as Makrigiannis uses strings, chopped-up percussion tracks, and his own multi-tracked voice to create the sense of a gradually unfolding moment. Makrigiannis lets notes hang, which, given the fragility of his voice, means he risks pushing a note so far that it cracks. And yet if there’s one quality that unifies Choir Of Young Believers’ songs, it’s precision. In fact, the second half of the album may be a little too precise, sacrificing some urgency for the sake of stateliness. But Makrigiannis’ style makes a strong first impression, as his songs flow naturally from muted sorrow to booming emotion and back. He evokes the calm, the storm, and the aftermath.


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