Take Chris Rock out of Saturday Night Live, out of dumb Chris Farley movies, out of Nike commercials, out of uninspired skit comedy, and he can be a pretty funny guy. Much of the stand-up material on his first CD in five years proves that: Listen to a lengthy rant like "Niggas vs. Black People," and you'll experience some oft-shocking, no-holds-barred, controversial, occasionally very funny commentary about race relations. "Tossed Salad" turns some tired anal-rape-in-prison gags into more than just a cheap laugh. Even bits and pieces of his O.J. material are a cut above Jay Leno's horrendous work on the subject, and his differences-between-men-and-women stuff isn't as bad as most similar material by other comics. The problem with Roll With The New is that there isn't enough stand-up; most of Rock's filler skits are outright bad. "Champagne" is a boring song, and "Bad Phone Sex" goes on and on with precious little comedic pay-off. The staggeringly unfunny "Press Conference" consists of a fake interview with O.J. Simpson and Ike Turner, in which they "answer" questions with snippets from rap songs. That gag was worn-out in the '70s; remember the one where Jimmy Carter responds to a question about his brother Billy with, "We Don't Talk Anymore"? Chris Rock is one of the better stand-up comics, though he could stand to tone down the shrieking a bit. On future albums, let's hope he cans the studio stuff and sticks to what he does best.