Fans would be forgiven for thinking they've already heard Do It! before they even press play: The studio gloss of Walking With Thee aside, Clinic has been turning out not-so-subtle variations on Internal Wrangler for nearly a decade, and once again, Do It! doesn't tinker much with the formula. Luckily, the "if it ain't broke" axiom applies, as the band's patchwork of vintage organ groove, krautrock rhythm, and acid-rock squeal has always been more than just the sum of its parts. Yes, singer Ade Blackburn still wheezes inscrutable lyrics that emphasize cadence over coherence ("Reel in the quaker you zip up and taper," "Pet the pet who vets you more"), the syncopated floor-tom stomp numbers ("The Witch," "Corpus Christi") are still broken up by quietly seething waltzes ("Free Not Free"), and the requisite proto-punk freak-out "Shopping Bag" still seems calculated to stave off mid-disc fatigue. But Do It! simply adds another 30 minutes to Clinic's quest to keep playing the perfect sound forever. With a sound as arresting as this, it's hard to fault them for not branching out more.