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Coldplay: Prospekt's March EP

This eight-song set Prospekt's March—available as a bonus disc with the newly repackaged Viva La Vida, or on its own via CD and download—might seem like a holiday-time afterthought, but it actually packs a solid punch of its own. It'd be easy to argue that it's more than a companion to the flabby Viva; in some ways, it actually one-ups the "real" album. First, though, the elephant in the room: Yes, Jay-Z offers a verse in the midst of "Lost!" (called "Lost+" here), and it actually doesn't sound as horrible as it sounds. His lyrics make sense alongside Chris Martin's ("And the question is, is to have had and lost better than not having at all? / Because I'm…"), and the whole thing sounds planned rather than tacked on. Elsewhere on the disc, Coldplay offers a version of Vida's instrumental "Life In Technicolor" with lyrics—and it's clear this version should've made the cut. The new song "Glass Of Water" sounds more immediate and striking than most of Vida, too, and "Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground" is the kind of acoustic weeper that Coldplay should include at least once on every album. More than just a quickie disc of extras, Prospekt's March actually stands as the sturdiest Coldplay collection since A Rush Of Blood To The Head.


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