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CSS: Donkey


As statements of purpose go, "We didn't come into the world to walk around / We came here to take you out" isn't especially rousing. It's a little wan, a bit quaint, and not very effectual. That's a line from the opening number of Donkey, the second album from Brazilian post-punk pop troupe CSS, and how effective it is depends entirely on whether the listener feels like going out. If there's stuff to work on at home, Donkey shouldn't offend, nor will it fail to rouse those already halfway out the door. As on 2006's Cansei De Ser Sexy, the songs are compact, cutesy, and propulsive; also present are Spirit of '82 new-wave guitar riffs that either don't rock hard enough or aren't cheesy enough to spread on a Ritz. Lead singer Lovefoxxx still has much of her earlier pep, but the lyrics (either her own or by bassist Adriano Cintra, who also writes most of the music) don't give her much to work with—especially with "Reggae All Night" a pale echo of the debut's "Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above."

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