David Garza has been a fixture in the Austin music scene since he was a kid, playing with local bands and as a solo artist. (His discography is miles long.) Garza has also done plenty outside of Texas, having toured with Fiona Apple as both guitarist and opening band. He briefly flirted with the mainstream in the early '00s, releasing a pair of excellent major-label albums, This Euphoria and Overdub. But he's always come back to Texas, and for State Songs, he wrote an ode to his home state, "Texas Is My Hometown." We met up with Garza at Bishop's Palace in Galveston, a beautiful Victorian house that was completed in 1892. It was originally the home of Colonel Walter Gresham, but now it's a gorgeous house museum that's open to the public. (And singer-songwriters and pop-culture websites.) Rather than just picking one room to perform, Garza offers his own tour.