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Enon: Grass Geysers… Carbon Clouds

While the world wasn't looking, Enon created the dance-rock album of 2007. Grass Geysers… Carbon Clouds, the band's fifth LP and its first in four years, has a groove and pop sensibility as strong as LCD Soundsystem's, but in an aggressive, post-punk live-band format that doesn't rely on a dominant electronic presence. John Schmersal's noisy, scratchy guitar (he performed the same duty for Brainiac in the '90s) and Toko Yasuda's honey-smooth vocals (which deliver the big hooks) seem like an odd contrast on paper, but work perfectly. The rump-shaker "Colette" will ensure that repeat buttons get a workout, and Schmersal's "Piece of Mind" proves that current bands can reinterpret The Fall and still sound fresh.


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