Indie-rock nerds the world over were delighted when Archers Of Loaf—prizefighters of indie-rock's golden age—reunited for a string of shows earlier this year, and began a deluxe reissue campaign of their catalog. Singer-guitarist Eric Bachmann had kept himself busy since the band split in 1998 with Crooked Fingers, who you may recall visited our Undercover series this summer. We thought it would be awesome if Bachmann tackled a classic Archers song for One Track Mind, and he gracefully agreed to discuss and perform track one from the band's classic Icky Mettle, "Web In Front." It's sort of a Crooked Fingers-ized version of the song, and we think you'll find it as awesome as we do. (Oh, and we've got some info on the second Archers reissue, Vee Vee, here. Including a track list and the cool new cover art.)