Before he was a Saturday Night Live cast member and budding film actor, Fred Armisen provided some complicated drumming for Chicago band Trenchmouth. His musical skills have come into play in his characters as well: SNL's Ferecito is the most obvious. Super-skilled drummer Jens Hannemann, star of the new DVD Fred Armisen Presents Complicated Drumming Technique: Jens Hannemann, is the latest Armisen creation/discovery to combine comedy and drumming. The dryly hilarious DVD follows Hannemann through rehearsals of his complicated compositions ("Molecular Jungle," "Fluid Engine"), and offers beat-by-beat instructions in odd time signatures like 29/2.  In order to conclusively uncover whether Fred Armisen and Jens Hannemann are, in fact, the same person, The A.V. Club asked Armisen to interview Hannemann. The contentious results are presented here in audio format, and the answer is still unclear.