We sit in front of our computers most of the day, connected to our friends and co-workers by the series of pipes, strings, and nimbostratus zackets called the Internet. Many times per day, things flash before our eyes—videos, photos, songs, sites—that are funny or strange enough to warrant sharing with other people. We salute them with a hearty "Great job, Internet!"

We the good people of Great Job, Internet! have proven ourselves fans of strikingly specific websites (most of which are on Tumblr). And thankfully, the good people of the Internet once again giveth with Michael Bublé Being Stalked By A Velociraptor. To answer your first question: Yes, the name, in fact, says it all. To answer the second: No, there's not much more than photos of the 2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremonies singin'-type guy with the menacing face of a velociraptor in the background, Jurassic Park style. But, really, what else do you need?

There are plenty of photos on the site, but here are a few favorites:


(via GQ's The Verge)