We sit in front of our computers most of the day, connected to our friends and co-workers by the series of pipes, strings, and nimbostratus zackets called the Internet. Many times per day, things flash before our eyes—videos, photos, songs, sites—that are funny or strange enough to warrant sharing with other people. We salute them with a hearty "Great job, Internet!"

Want to have an idea what the outlay of a musician’s career is like but find The A.V. Club’s Primers or Gateways to Geekery a little taxing on your attention span? Some anonymous wag on Twitter (it’s always some anonymous wag on Twitter) has your solution. Discographies began two weeks ago but is just now beginning to pick up speed, offering bite-sized, surprisingly apt capsule reviews of the entire studio output of such legends as The Doors—“1st, 2nd) mostly tolerable; 3rd) adequate, poppy; 4th) appalling; 5th) unmemorable; 6th) overpraised; 7th, 8th) unforced errors”—and Bob Dylan: “1 Woody; 2, 3 ambition; 4 pot; 5-7 speed; 8-9 pot; 10-11 AJ Weberman; 12-16 booze; 17-19 Jesus; 20-27 pot; 28 death; 29-32 pot.” Eat your heart out, Entertainment Weekly.