Earlier this year, Lookout! Records released an album called World Contact Day by a band called Groovie Ghoulies. It had energy, charm, monster references and a kick-ass single called "Island of Pogo Pogo." Since the album was a moderate success, Lookout! has deigned to release the band's previous two albums, which, unless you were living in California at the time, you probably didn't know about. Born In The Basement and Appetite for Adrenochrome contain a dorky pop-punk sound with more than a hint of '60s garage and tremendous potential. (The band's sound is something akin to the Misfits meeting the Archies.) Adrenochrome, released in 1989, is the more raw and unfocused of the two: At that point, the band didn't know whether to be loud or fast, or maybe both. Five years and a major personnel shift later, along comes Basement, and by then, the band knew where it was going and how to strike a balance between funny and raucous. But the songs and talent weren't quite up to speed yet, though the album is not without its charms. Both reissues are fun, but not necessary for full enjoyment of the Ghoulies. Pick up World Contact Day before dabbling in the band's less essential archives.