The 2004 retirement of the Guided By Voices moniker did nothing to stem Robert Pollard's steady stream of recorded output, but it did signal the end of his days of regular touring. Live From Austin, TX documents one of Pollard's final shows with the umpteenth version of GBV, which sadly wasn't among the best. Stalwarts still swear by the mid-'90s "classic" lineup, with Tobin Sprout and Mitch Mitchell, though the Do The Collapse/Isolation Drills incarnation with bassist Tim Tobias and ex-Breeders drummer Jim McPherson was the most awe-inspiring on stage. By the time of Live From Austin, GBV was lumbering and a bit too proggy, and while Pollard's arena-rock moves and goofy stage banter are loveable as always, the disc indicates Pollard switched gears at the right time.