One of the best things about Drive Like Jehu is Rick Froberg's voice, a whiney, slashing snarl that insinuates itself throughout the band's helix-like guitars and bucking undertow. Virginia band Haram—featuring members of heralded outfits Pg. 99 and Majority Rule—is one of the most adept Jehu disciples in recent memory, but there's one thing missing: a Froberg. The funny thing is, with the recent addition of a third guitarist, Haram sports no fewer than four vocalists on its sophomore album Drescher—but none of them command much spotlight. Like another of the group's obvious post-hardcore influences, Dischord's Hoover, Haram lets melody, dissonance, and rhythm override the singing. The disconnect between brash, anthemic guitars and diffident human voices is a bit jarring; luckily, it isn't a disastrous distraction from Drescher's tangled, nerve-wracked songcraft.