Hercules And Love Affair, a disco act featuring the quivering voice of art-rock star Antony, hearkens back to a mode of disco in which quivering vocals by someone as weird or weirder than Antony would hardly count as novel. The model is the kind of lithe, rapturous disco spun by epochal DJ Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage, where hi-hat beats sprayed and horn lines wobbled out of shape. Antony sings significantly on five songs, including the propulsive single "Blind," but the highlight moments wander between everything from the woozy horns of "Hercules Theme" to the mournful synth patches in the mid-tempo pop song "Iris." There's something nagging about the literalness of such a thoroughly throwback exercise, but Hercules mastermind Andrew Butler has a real knack for arrangement and emotional range. He knows when to kick disco into action and when to just kick back and listen.