One of the central storylines of A Star Is Born is Jackson Maine’s (Bradley Cooper) struggle with hearing loss and tinnitus, made worse by the fact that he’s a musician who performs live concerts and exposes himself to loud sounds on a daily basis. While most of us aren’t famous musicians playing shows every night, many of us expose ourselves to loud noises that can cause long-term hearing loss, whether at a concert, through our headphones, or in public places. And, as otolaryngologist Dr. William Slattery tells us, hearing loss can be difficult to reverse.

One great tip Dr. Slattery has for everyone is to get a decibel meter app on your smartphone that can measure the loudness of the surrounding noise. If the surrounding noise measures over 85 decibels, it’s probably dangerous for your ears. And of course, wearing ear protection at concerts, exercise classes where loud music is playing, gun ranges, and anywhere else your ears are exposed to loud noises is imperative.

We also talked with Dr. Slattery—who makes an appearance in A Star Is Born and is Cooper’s real doctor—about some of the science behind tinnitus. Check it out here.