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Holy Fuck: LP

Danceable music tends to either bark orders (Simian Mobile Disco, Klaxons) or give out free hugs (Hollertronix, LCD Soundsystem). Holy Fuck's LP barges in for a sloppy embrace from its start on the live track "Super Inuit" (the rest are live-in-studio), its drums and synths trading rhythms more hamster-wheel than drum-machine. Even when a Casiotone sets the beat, live instruments wrap the mechanical in human muscle. The drums stomp the fuzzed-out synth battles back into order, and non-dancers should be content just to admire the drum fills and syncopations on "The Pulse" and "Royal Gregory." "Milkshake" centers on the soothing ring of one particular synth, the closest an often-intimidating genre has come to swinging the dinner bell.


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