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How desperate are you for Radiohead tix?

So, if you're a Radiohead fan, you're probably disappointed right now. Tickets for their June tour — in "small" venues — sold out at an alarming rate. For the Chicago shows, tickets went on sale through the band's website (sort of unannounced) at 5 o'clock in the morning. That allotment sold out immediately, and the public onsale (via Ticketmaster) sold out in half a second or so. (About 10 people I know got on at exactly 10am and were shut-out.)

An immediate search on eBay yielded about 200 results for "Radiohead Chicago," so apparently the scalpers know something we don't. (No, I didn't get tickets.) But I'm not here to bitch about scalpers — bottom-feeders gotta eat, too, right? I'm here to share this amazing tidbit I saw on Craigslist while searching for kind souls with extra tickets.

"My friend can't make it anymore, looking for a female date who loves Radiohead, tell me why I should take you, my seats are incredible and these will be the best shows of the summer. Please include pic"

I wonder how blurry the pic would have to be for this guy to consider me…

PS - Sell me some Radiohead tickets.


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