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If You Think The Black Eyed Peas Are Terrible Human Beings, Wait Until You See Them As Robots

Apparently unsatisfied with their near ubiquity on the radio, over store loudspeakers, in trailers for god-awful romantic comedies, and in gyms everywhere, the Black Eyed Peas decided to carve out another 10 minutes of the universe's time and space, and claim it as their own by making an extremely long, thoroughly wasteful music video. I say "thoroughly wasteful" because the central thesis of the video seems to be "The Black Eyed Peas are robot pied pipers for Transformers" and that's already common knowledge. Everyone is already painfully aware of the fact that The Black Eyed Peas make siren songs for CGI characters in Michael Bay movies. (Why else would their music sound like 10,000 steel bolts dropped on a pinball machine positioned directly beneath a smoke detector with dying batteries?) Making a 10-minute video about that fact is just gratuitous.


(via Idolator)

You know that dog intelligence test where you put a towel over the dog's head and time how long it takes the dog to shake it off? This video is basically that test but for humans: How long will you let the Black Eyed Peas smother your eyes and ears with their awful video before you shake them off? 

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