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Jaymay: Autumn Fallin'


For the majority of her full-length debut, Autumn Fallin', Jaymay doesn't do much to distinguish herself from the likes of Regina Spektor and Laura Veirs; she doles out heartfelt observations set to acoustic instrumentation that runs the gamut from pleasant to agreeable. It's a downright amiable album, even though it's a 42-minute-long break-up rumination whose lyrics can register as either heart-wrenchingly introspective or cloyingly navel-gazing, depending on the listener's tolerance. But there are moments that suggest Jaymay's sensibilities reach beyond the coffeehouse. The 10-minute "You'd Rather Run" is an ambitious, though somewhat plodding, waltz of Dylan-esque storytelling; the relentlessly gentle lullaby "You Are The Only One I Love" incorporates a children's choir with minimal affectation; and the jazzy oddity "Hard To Say" earns some kookiness points when Jaymay imitates a trumpet with her voice. It's hard to say whether these moments are merely novelty or indicators of more interesting things to come; luckily, there's plenty on Autumn Fallin' to endear Jaymay to listeners who already love this sort of thing.

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