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As you've definitely heard by now, John Mayer continued his ego parade yesterday when he told Playboy about how his penis was once in the KKK. That was not the worst part of that interview. As with all John Mayer interviews, the worst part was all of it.

So last night at a show in Nashville, John Mayer took an exorbitant amount of time to apologize for being John Mayer:

Four things:

1. How is John Mayer going to successfully shut up when he can't even apologize for not shutting up without rambling on about himself for 5 minutes?


2. If John Mayer thinks he's being clever in these interviews, then why apologize? Stand by your shtick, Mayer.

3. On second thought, since John Mayer's shtick is "unbelievable prat who always wants attention" then this whole tearful apology/vow to "just play my guitar" falls right in line with it.


4. When is he going to apologize for "Daughters?"

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