In addition to his status as a soul-rock legend and Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer—the journey to which is chronicled in his fascinating new memoir, Change Of Seasons—John Oates is regarded as something of a mustache icon. He has sported that particular piece of facial manscaping from Hall & Oates’ earliest days: In fact, the moment when he actually shaves off his mustache is one of the most dramatic scenes in his book. So assistant editor Danette Chavez decided to test John Oates’ knowledge by asking him to identify many other famous ’staches, from Magnum P.I. to Ron Burgundy. It turns out he truly is an expert, much better at this game we made up than assistant editor Gwen Ihnat, which makes sense: She doesn’t even have a mustache.

Watch our full, 14-minute interview with John Oates here.