"I could spend a thousand years just drifting through your atmosphere," Kelley Polar sings on "Satellites," his second album's central track—meaning both that it's in the middle of the song sequence, and that its polite pulse, plinking keyboards, and mildly catchy vocal melody stand in for the album as a whole. Like 2005's Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens, I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling updates frosty '80s synth-pop knowingly, but without resorting to kitsch. Unfortunately, Polar's smarts don't necessarily translate to memorable material. He's better with funkier grooves, as on the opener, "A Feeling Of The All-Thing," or when he digs into his gear with the synth whorls of "Zeno Of Elea." Like a lot of electronic-minded folks, he's got more to say with his sound than his words; the less he worries about "writing real songs," the better.