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Celeb Item: Lady Gaga’s Futuristic Beauty Secret

Hi Nathan,

Lady Gaga has been dubbed the “Princess of Pop,” a fashion revolutionary and now the future of beauty. Her beauty secret… ingestible beauty drinks!


At the ACE awards, Lady Gaga received a new skin brightening beauty drink from GliSODin. She because obsessed with the Advanced Skin Brightening supplement.

Gaga’s go to beauty guru said she started taking the supplement while she was filming her new music video for Bad Romance…Gaga wanted to ensure her skin was glowing, extremely healthy and hydrated, for her close up shots. She knew it would radiate from within with the help of GliSODin.

Nutricosmetics is an emerging trend in the beauty market and Gaga is at the forefront. Forever ahead of the trends its no wonder she is on the cutting edge of beauty!


I would love to work with you on this beauty trend and celeb item. I can provide a celeb nutritionist, samples and more information. Feel free to get in touch with me at (Email redacted).