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Les Savy Fav invited people in—and pushed a few out—when the group played it straight

In Hear This, A.V. Club writers sing the praises of songs they know well—some inspired by a weekly theme and some not, but always songs worth hearing. This week, with Let’s Be Cops coming to theaters, we’re picking our favorite songs with “let’s” in the title.

Les Savy Fav’s reputation has always been tied to its live show, one that sees vocalist Tim Harrington shed clothes, climb atop anything in sight, and turn the band’s dancey approximation of post-punk into an eye-grabbing spectacle. Yet, Les Savy Fav was always just that: something to be observed and fascinated by, not necessarily something to be a party to. That is, until it attempted to transfer its charms to unifying pop anthems on 2010’s Root For Ruin.


By no means a total stinker—and still featuring songs that fit right in with its classics—the bulk of Root For Ruin’s disdain is pointed at the band’s attempt to manufacture a hit single with “Let’s Get Out Of Here.” Yet, while certainly a departure in sound and substance, there’s always been something about the track that’s made me defend it. While it was certainly an attempt to manufacture a crossover hit, “Let’s Get Out Of Here” has always felt—for better or worse—like the distillation of all the band’s charms into one hooky little package.

Even if Harrington’s trite turns of phrase and his persistent coos in the chorus feel out of step with the band’s initial mission, ”Let’s Get Out Of Here” makes perfect sense alongside the band’s art-damaged punk songs. After years of reaching for the sides, Les Savy Fav decided to do the most unexpected thing and go straight down the middle, making its die-hards wince as a few more folks came in to enjoy the show. It may not be the band’s crowning artistic achievement, but it does everything a good “let’s” song should: It makes the listeners just as important to the song’s success as the beastly, shirtless guy singing it.

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