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I was in Minneapolis this past weekend and asked my hosts to take me to the landmark I most wanted to see: The house on the cover of The Replacements' Let It Be album. I probably don't need to refresh your memory, but just in case, here's the cover:

They graciously obliged. And here's a picture of it:


Two interesting things happened after I took this picture. First, two people climbed out on the roof, demonstrating that it could still be used for hanging-out puposes. Then I noticed the "for rent" sign:

I have no plans to move to the Twin Cities, but if I did, I would rent this house immediately, no matter what shape it was in, just to say I lived in the Let It Be house. Also, I'd love to conduct this experiment: What would happen if you sat on the roof of the Let It Be house while listening to Let It Be? Any thoughts?

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