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Lindstrøm: Where You Go I Go Too


There's no mistaking Lindstrøm's Where You Go I Go Too for an album sheepish about its ambition or taste. The ambition comes across in its structure: three long tracks, one nearly 30 minutes long, supposedly inspired by the expansive triumph of LCD Soundsystem's 45:33. The question of taste is a trickier one that might actually call for a little sheepishness, or so it could seem amid belatedly spacey synth battles and runs of rhythm ready to retrofit to Miami Vice. Such is the taste of Lindstrøm, one of the prime figures of a refreshingly unabashed Norwegian space-disco scene. Certain of his preferred synth settings and his general air of pomp will turn away those without a soft spot for retro-futurist fantasies, but Lindstrøm's keen sense of melody would translate into any era: While banging away at the same simple chord progression in "Grand Ideas," he adds enough accents and shifts in pitch to make a primitive task sound heroic. The problem with Where You Go I Go Too is that it just doesn't go far enough: For all the promise held out by the idea of Lindstrøm staring down long tracks with thematic aims, the range on display is surprisingly narrow. None of the narrowness is exactly bad, but the widescreen potential was so high.

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