Loquat's debut album, 2005's It's Yours To Keep, was a pleasant-enough slice of electro-dusted pop whose songs seemed designed primarily to showcase the enchanting voice of Kylee Swenson. The directive doesn't appear to have changed on its follow-up, though the songwriting has: At some point over the past few years, the San Francisco outfit learned how to craft tunes that go far beyond just sitting around trying not to get in the way of its pretty-sounding singer. Swenson is up for the challenge of matching the sharper soundtrack, a fact immediately proven by a glorious chorus that's belted out during the album-opening "Harder Hit," and the whole package stays strong over the course of 11 songs. Loquat's sound is predominantly made up of smoothed-out edges that are about as adult contempo as indie rock gets, but the well-executed hooks—the triumphant ending of "Go Hibernate" suggests that these guys are capable of writing household-name-making hits—never let things get droopy. Don't look now, but Secrets Of The Sea just might bridge the gap between generational record collections. As for those waterlogged secrets, the lyrics tend to suggest that something ominous is going on, but on the surface, it's a dream-pop party that keeps getting better upon closer inspection.