As Plug, Luke Vibert turned drum-and-bass breakbeats in on themselves. As Wagon Christ, he helped crystallize trip-hop's dread-filled MO. Under his own name, he's flittered about with a number of styles, with bright-eyed, songwriterly panache. On Chicago, Detroit, Redruth, Vibert corrals his many approaches into a cohesive album which plays like a career-spanning overview that happens to consist entirely of new material. All of it fits, and plenty of it is self-explanatory: Titles like "Breakbeat Metal Music," "Comfycozy," and "Rapperdacid" pretty well speak for themselves. But Vibert always adds an unexpected twist, frequently a funny one, as on the fuzzy-cosmos "God," whose hook is a mock-frightened, sampled woman shrieking, "Oh my God!"