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Luna: Tell Me Do You Miss Me

Luna was a great band, but too easy to ignore. Consistently low-key albums, regular tours, and a seeming indifference to success or change kept the band at a comfortable—though apparently unsustainable—level. Tell Me Do You Miss Me follows the New Yorkers through their final world tour in 2005, as they jet from Spain to England to America to say semi-tearful farewells to pockets of dedicated fans.

Unsurprisingly, there's very little drama: Singer-guitarist Dean Wareham and guitarist Sean Eden clearly get on each other's nerves; Eden seems like a pain in the ass, while Wareham is as distant as his songs imply. But Matthew Buzzell's rich photography and excellent balance of live songs with backstage and homelife scenes actually make the non-story evocative, though not necessarily terribly interesting to anyone except those ardent fans who attended the final shows.


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