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Man...Or Astro-Man?: 1000X

The famed and beloved guitar instrumentalists in Man…Or Astro-Man? specialize in riff-driven three-minute blasts designed to make listeners wrap themselves in foil, turn their TVs to static, and run about the house waving their arms maniacally to the space-spy sounds. So what makes the band's new seven-song EP desirable? Well, the brutal truth is that guitar instrumentals either all sound alike to you or they don't. Those lucky ones who can differentiate will notice that there are more vocals than usual—true singing, not just the requisite scientific soundbites. It's a little edgier than usual for this band, and perhaps a fraction meaner, although the M.O. is still fast, fun and frenetic. Like all Man…Or Astro-Man? music, 1000X is an absolute blast. That's the only reason anyone should really need for wanting to own it.


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