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Marky Ramone to participate in first ever ‘online autograph meet and greet’

In Stop The Presses! we share some of the more ridiculous press releases we receive at The A.V. Club.

The great comedy duo of Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster have derived a lot of hilarity and enjoyment over the years out of the sad-sack existence of Ramones drummer Marky, who Wurster has indelibly played over the decades as a long-suffering, opportunistic meathead perpetually abused by guitarist and band führer Johnny.


The Marky Ramone of Scharpling & Wurster’s comedy is always up for a dodgy business deal trading on his Ramones fame, but even he might turn his nose up at being the first subject of IMAGE (Interactive Meet And Great Entertainment). It’s a newfangled innovation that allows fans from all over the world to experience an “Online Autograph Meet & Greet Event” on November 23 at 6 p.m. EST featuring the sole surviving member of the Ramones, the most tragic fun band of all time, or possibly the funnest tragic band in history.

The idea of an “online autograph meet and greet” might sound like an contradiction. After all, doesn’t an essential component of meeting, greeting, and autographing entail actually, you know, physically meeting and greeting an artist, then collecting his signature in person? Not anymore. Through the magic of the Internet, fans will now be able to see Ramone personally signing autographs for them that will be sent to them at a later date, along with a flash drive of Marky signing their individual item.

According to the press release, “A fan can eyewitness their pre-purchased item being signed while Marky talks to you through any internet connected device. Marky can wish a friend ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Holiday,’ and the autographed item is delivered in the mail with a flash drive that includes a personal video as permanent authenticity. Plus instant gratification arrives in the form of a video phone call and a download.”

But we will leave the final words to Marky himself, who enthused, “We’ve finally entered the Twilight Zone. I’m so glad that somebody has drummed up [Wordplay! —ed.] this new idea. I’ve been signing autographs forever, but I never imagined such a cool concept. This is the special sauce that this industry has been waiting for.”


Uh, sure. Find out more at MarkyRamone.com.

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