The idea that Morcheeba might be a band for the ages is vaguely insulting; the group's music wasn't terribly essential to begin with. Yet here's another collection of lazy New Age bromides and upscale Muzak atmospheres hell-bent on dragging trip-hop's corpse into the 21st century. A series of low-rent vocalists slouch through Paul and Ross Godfrey's predictable backdrops (defanged strings, genteel scratching), beginning with the shockingly obvious "Enjoy The Ride," on which Judie Tzuke enjoins us to just, like, enjoy life and stuff. This isn't an album, it's an office poster, complete with platitudes masquerading as serene wisdom. "One Love Karma" is worse yet: Korean-American rapper Cool Calm Pete sings the title with no shame. If nothing else, Morcheeba's existence points out everything Air does right—both are calm and inoffensive enough to serve as dinner music, but only one aspires to more.