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We get a lot of records sent to us here at The A.V. Club. Fortunately, we end up liking some of them. That’s why we launched Playlisted, to share our latest recommendations of tracks music fans have to hear.


Missy Elliott, “9th Inning” featuring Timbaland
This week’s Playlisted starts out with yet another snippet of an as-yet-released song, but this one’s a doozy, so it’s acceptable. Missy Elliott hasn’t released a record since 2005’s The Cookbook. That should all change with Block Party, which is reportedly due out later this year. “9th Inning” is the first single and, in true Elliott style, it features both Timbaland and an absolutely killer beat. Block Party has been on Elliott’s docket since 2008, and while long album delays can sometimes mean a resulting product that’s a little fishy, The A.V. Club is going to hold out hope for something outstanding.

P.O.S., “Fuck Your Stuff”
As a member of Doomtree, P.O.S. has produced some amazing hip-hop, and as a member of Bon Iver-associated Gayngs, he’s released some totally weird indie-rock freakout cuts. If “Fuck Your Stuff” is any indication, though, his latest solo effort, We Don’t Even Live Here, should be some of P.O.S.’ best work yet. Both underground- and radio-friendly, the track practically necessitates repeated listens—preferably at ear-blasting volumes.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, “Jeremy”
Though it’s unfortunately not a Pearl Jam cover, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s “Jeremy” is a take on a Magnetic Fields track. The original appears on—appropriately enough—1992’s The Wayward Bus—but Pains’ take is decidedly more rocking, a neat feat for a band that’s not immediately associated with loudness. Pains member Peggy Wang wrote a detailed description of her lifelong love affair with The Magnetic Fields on the band’s Tumblr, which is well worth a read, especially with this cover playing in the background.

Sun Airway, “Close” 
Sun Airway’s new record, Soft Fall, is due out Oct. 2, but for now, we’re totally fine with just listening to “Close” on repeat. A little reminiscent of Coldplay without all that annoying Paltrow association, “Close” shines with wavering guitars and cooed vocals. It’s the perfect song to bridge the gap between summer and fall.


Chris Lawhorn, “Give Me The Cure/Reprovisional/Recap/Modetti/Stacks”
Indiana beatmaker Chris Lawhorn has kind of a weird career history. After a stint in a D.C.-style hardcore band, he took up beats and somehow ended up doing an 18-month stint as the resident DJ for Marie Claire magazine. He’s managed to combine his musical interests into one outlet for a new project, though. Fugazi Edits, out Oct. 30, mashes 100 different Fugazi samples into 22 different tracks. Ian MacKaye has given the project his blessing, and all the profit from the sale of the record will go to two different charities—one that works with senior citizens in D.C. and one that provides aid to people around the world affected by natural disaster and civil unrest. The track Playlisted is premièring this week, “Give Me The Cure/Reprovisional/Recap/Modetti/Stacks,” is just what it sounds like—a combination of those five Fugazi songs into one tight, sonically impressive package.


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