Take one listen to Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie, and one question will stand out in your mind: Has NoMeansNo become the Rush of punk? Here's a handy checklist to help you answer that question. Is the band playing a lot of long, meandering songs that seem to have been recorded without a sensible producer to say, "Ah, time to wind it down, guys?" Yes. Are there time changes that are not so much "math-rock" as they are "attention-span testers"? Lamentably, yes. Does the album contain an abundance of ill-conceived conceptual songs? Yes, but they are politically conceptual instead of "speculative-fiction" conceptual. Is NoMeansNo Canadian? While not necessarily a bad thing, the band does, in fact, share this trait with Rush, as well. Sadly, there it is. Scientific proof that NoMeansNo has indeed transformed from a tight, aggressive, smart, political punk band into a dull, meandering punk version of Rush. It just isn't fair.