At first, the track listing for XI Versions Of Black Noise seems deliberately confounding. Much of the remix album is devoted to reworking only two tracks from the German producer-DJ’s 2010 minimalist techno breakthrough, Black Noise. And the guest list is glaringly light on crossover appeal, featuring German house old-schoolers and obscurities like Carsten Jost, Moritz Von Oswald, and Die Vögel, whose names sound like they were culled from a textbook on the Thirty Years War. But any confusion is quickly cleared up once the music kicks in. Take “Welt Am Draht,” originally a springy track made lush by plucked guitar harmonics, clanking hand percussion, and waves of synths. Moritz turns it into a glacier, all crisp percussion, deep bass, and thick atmosphere. Then Vögel recreates the song with orchestral instrumentation and a bouncy, almost silly groove. Animal Collective goes straight for summer with the track, bathing “Welt” in tape-warped tones, breathy harmonies, and tribal rhythms. Each remix is dramatically different from the last, testifying to the elastic breadth of Pantha’s music. A similar thing happens with “Stick To My Side,” which is flipped into an industrial house bug-out (by Lawrence), itchy maximalist funk (Four Tet), a hypnotic club thump (Efdemin), ambient film music (Jost), and a beachy guitar jam (Walls). XI Versions is electronic tiramisu—slightly unnecessary and a little showy, but wholly dynamic, and a fine finish to a satisfying main course.