This has been floating around the Internet for the past few days, but those of you who don't generally follow theater news may have missed this particular slice of awesome. The inimitable Patti LuPone, who won a Tony for her role as Rose in the recent Broadway revival of Gypsy, had an amazing onstage freakout the night before the show closed. One of the few actresses who could pull something like this and actually come away admired rather than criticized, LuPone stopped in the middle of the song "Rose's Turn" to chew out an audience member who insisted on taking pictures, repeatedly screaming "Who do you think you are??" Too bad she didn't notice the person who was recording audio of the whole thing. (The action starts around the 45-second mark.)

For those who need a little context, this was LuPone's second-to-last performance of a career-high role, and, more importantly, flash photography is a huge, and dangerous, taboo in the theater, as it's distracting to the performers. Not to mention incredibly disrespectful. Check out LuPone's uninterrupted performance (of a different song, but still) at the Tonys last year.

P.S., LuPone was just announced in the role of Frank's mother on an upcoming episode of 30 Rock, which is fucking awesome.